CollectTorr - MicroContamination Collection Service


The unique "in-situ" CollectTorr sampling system and off-line analytical service from SAES Pure Gas have been developed to provide end-users of leading edge lithography and inspection/metrology equipment with a dedicated, simple, and reliable tool for optics molecular contamination purge gas certification.
Utilizing the solid-state trap-based CollectTorr Sampling System coupled with state-of-the-art analytical equipment, parts per trillion (pptV) levels assessment of molecular acids, bases, refractory and organic contaminants are successfully achieved.
SAES Pure Gas analytical sampling, analysis and certification are compliant with lithography and inspection/ metrology tool optics warranty certification requirements.
Service Features
  • Sampled Gases include: Nitrogen, Compressed Dry Air (CDA)
  • Part-per-trillion volume sensitivity
  • Compliant with lithography and inspection/metrology tool manufacturer optics warranty certification
  • Molecular contaminant analysis and speciation include:
    Hydrocarbons (condensables, volatile organics)
    Refractory compounds (Si-organics)
    Sulphur- and Halogenated-organics
  • Compact design: easy to install, operate and ship
  • Single sample connection for complete molecular contamination assessment allows for minimum connection downtime
  • Solid-state trap sampling allows for any mounting orientation (with in-tool installation possible)
SAES Pure Gas Added Value
  • State-of-the-art analytical laboratory
  • Quick analysis turnaround time
  • User-friendly analytical report
  • Contamination root cause analysis available
  • 20 years expertise in purification solutions
  • Lithography and inspection/metrology tool manufacturer purge gases certification for optics and lenses warranty
  • Pre/Post Purification Molecular Contamination Level Assessment
  • Gas Piping and component outgassing survey
Facility Requirements
  • Flow rate must be > 6.5 slpm
  • Sampling port must be 1/4" MVCR

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